Xello and National Student Clearinghouse Mark Exponential Growth Since Partnering To Streamline College Application Process

K-12 future readiness program and national leader in data exchange services bring free, timesaving efficiencies to students and admissions personnel

HERNDON, Va., Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Xello, the award-winning K-12 college and career readiness program, and the National Student Clearinghouse, a national leader in educational data exchange and transcript services, have experienced exponential growth since expanding their partnership to include data exchange services, welcoming hundreds of postsecondary institutions into their already robust network of schools.

The Clearinghouse and Xello initially teamed up to provide high schools using Xello insight into graduates’ post-secondary outcomes through the integration of StudentTracker reports, and last year the partnership expanded to offer services that streamline the college application process. Students can now easily exchange data such as transcripts and letters of recommendation to postsecondary schools within the Xello program via National Clearinghouse’s Electronic Transcript Exchange – a secure national exchange software enabling secondary and postsecondary schools, systems, states, and educational organizations to automate the exchange of learner records.

“When evaluating our options for data exchange providers it was important to find one that matched our standards for service and responsiveness. With a long-standing commitment to data integrity and student data privacy, the Clearinghouse was well aligned with our values,” said Matt McQuillen, CEO and Co-Founder of Xello. “As a nonprofit organization, it was also a partner that could offer an affordable pricing model and enabled us to expand our data exchange services without increasing costs to our customers, as schools are continually working to maximize limited budgets.”

The Xello software allows students to easily share transcripts, letters of recommendation and more with prospective postsecondary institutions all within the application, ensuring applicants can meet important and time-sensitive demands during the admissions calendar. Through the dashboard, students can track the progress of their transcript and letters of recommendation requests and know exactly when documents are submitted. They can also see at a glance where they are in their application process and what’s required next, as well as a summary of critical dates by school and deadlines for financial aid applications. Postsecondary institutions can easily import and view student transcripts and letters of recommendation, view the latest requests and track their progress – ultimately saving time for students, educators, and admissions personnel.

The Clearinghouse and Xello will continue to work together to meet the needs of participating and prospective high school and postsecondary networks, identifying opportunities to further improve the user experience to make the college application process less tedious and time consuming for both students and administrators.

“With shared values rooted in student data privacy, integrity, and security, school districts can trust that their student records will be safe and secure, backed by a partnership of long-standing and trusted organizations,” said Rick Torres, President and CEO, National Student Clearinghouse. “By bringing together Xello’s 25 years of experience serving K-12 districts and the Clearinghouse’s nearly 30 years of experience serving the education community, we look forward to leveraging our shared expertise to fuel innovation and to provide clients and end users with a seamless experience.”

For more information on how to become a part of the National Student Clearinghouse’s network of postsecondary school partners, contact the Clearinghouse’s Client Success Team at //www.studentclearinghouse.org/reps/.

About Xello

Xello is an online K-12 college, career and future readiness program that helps students achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, explore pathways, and plan for the future. Using Xello’s discovery-based model, students build knowledge, essential real-world skills, and individual confidence to prepare for the rapidly evolving world of post-secondary academics and career environment. More than 9 million students and educators today leverage Xello tools to transform aspirations into action. To learn more about Xello and its proprietary Work-Based Learning Module, visit: //www.xello.world.

About the National Student Clearinghouse

The National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit formed in 1993, is the trusted source for and leading provider of higher education verifications and electronic education record exchanges. Besides working with nearly 3,600 postsecondary institutions, the Clearinghouse also provides thousands of high schools and districts with continuing collegiate enrollment, progression, and completion statistics on their alumni. For more details, visit studentclearinghouse.org.

SOURCE Xello Inc.

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