Xello and Awato Bring Improved Career Planning to New Hampshire Schools

College and career readiness software providers join forces to help New Hampshire middle and high schools deliver comprehensive future-readiness programming.

MANCHESTER, N.H., (April 15, 2021) – Xello, the award winning K-12 college, career and future readiness program, and Awato, a leader in personalized career pathfinding, today announced a partnership to offer New Hampshire schools a more comprehensive approach to career and college readiness to meet the needs of the Drive to 65 Act.

According to the Drive to 65 Act, all incoming high-school freshmen must complete a career assessment and document how they’ll achieve a career readiness credential upon graduation. To fulfill these requirements, the New Hampshire Department of Education purchased the Awato platform to be used in middle and high schools across the state starting in the fall of 2020. Through Awato, students have access to the state’s local career and technical education programs, higher education options, work-based learning opportunities, certificates, and licenses.

Now, through integration with Xello, high-school students will be able to connect the local pathway options they discover in Awato with Xello’s robust course planning, nationwide college search, and college application capabilities.

“Students and counselors want to be able to explore their career and education opportunities in one easy location. Awato is ecstatic to partner with Xello to provide a single robust platform for students to learn more about themselves, find careers and colleges, connect to local opportunities and manage the college application process,” says Awato CEO Matthew Guruge.

Through single sign-on, students will be able to easily toggle between programs and make the connection between career aspirations and academic plans. Work completed in Awato will appear in student accounts, helping them build course and career plans aligned to their Awato assessment results. For educators, work completed by students in Awato will be ingested and presented in Xello, keeping everything organized in a single spot.

“The team at Awato have proven to deeply understand the education space and, specifically, the needs of New Hampshire students and schools,” says Matt McQuillen, CEO and Co-Founder of Xello. “We’re excited to work alongside them to support the state in the Drive to 65 Act, and deliver an end-to-end college and career readiness experience that supports all students, all pathways.”

The partnership will roll out this summer to give schools ample time to implement and train before students return. Schools looking for a sneak peek of the integration and its ability to better support the Drive to 65 Act can join a live webinar on Thursday, May 6th, 2021 at 11 am by registering at awato.co/building-the-bridge-webinar.

To learn more about Xello’s Work-Based Learning module, please visit //xello.world/en/work-based-learning/

About Xello

Xello is a modern K-12 college, career and future readiness program that helps students achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, explore pathways, and plan for the future. Using Xello’s discovery-based model, students build knowledge, real-world skills and confidence to prepare for the rapidly evolving world of post-secondary academics and work. Xello supports multiple student pathways and helps students build essential skills valued by post-secondary institutions and employers. Over 9 million students and educators work with Xello in their efforts to become future-ready. Learn more at //www.xello.world

About Awato

Awato is the leader in personalized career pathfinding software based in Manchester, NH. Founded in November 2015, Awato has worked with educational institutions across the country to help find a path for every student. Today, over 200 K-12 schools and higher education institutions use Awato’s robust career assessments, local content mapping, and pathfinding software to build better pathways for their students. Learn more at awato.co

Media Contact

Logan Ouellette
Director of Marketing, Awato

Erin Smith
Chief Revenue Officer, Xello

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