Xello for Elementary

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Give your youngest learners a head start with Xello for Elementary.
How It Works

Xello for Elementary — One Program, Two Modules


Xello for K-2

Module one begins as early as Kindergarten. It takes students on an adventure through Career Town to solve the mystery of its missing workers. Along the way students learn about the meaning of careers and what goes into choosing one.

Xello for 3-5

In grades 3 to 5, the Xello student experience evolves. Lessons and personalized activities are introduced. These engage students in building self-knowledge, exploring career options, setting goals, and developing critical thinking skills.
Features & Benefits

Powerful Features, Compelling Outcomes

  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Discovery
  • Career Awareness
  • Goal-Setting
  • Skills Building
  • Reports & Progress Tracking
Career Awareness
Skills Building
Reports & Progress Tracking

Develop More Self-Assured Students

Students create their very own space that reflects their unique skills, interests and achievements, helping them build self-awareness and start connecting the dots between who they are and possible career options.
Xello for Elementary

Introduce Future Planning at a High Impact Age

Help students develop a sense of curiosity, and introduce them to concepts of self-reflection and future planning at a highly receptive age.

Connect Academics to Careers and Future Success

Establish the connection between education and careers, and the importance of perseverance earlier-on in the learning journey.

Link Interpersonal Skills with Successful Futures

Provide an early introduction to self-awareness, social-emotional wellbeing, and teamwork skills as key contributors to future success.

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Client Testimonials

What Educators Are Saying

Students are excited to learn who they are and how they fit in the world. Xello’s out-the-box lessons help our elementary students develop their self-awareness, sparks their curiosity in careers, and opens the door for more social skill development.

Diana Peña

CTE Coordinator (Elementary Lead)
McAllen ISD, Texas
The kids absolutely love it. I’m not joking that when the teachers say we’re going to do ‘Career Town’ [a Xello K-2 feature], they cheer. And the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are excited to share what they're learning about themselves and their interests.

Kate McKenzie

(former) School Counselor
Forest Hills School District, Ohio

Ready to see Xello for Elementary for yourself?

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