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Fulfill Personalized Learning Requirements with Xello—an engaging, intuitive, and empowering college and career readiness program for K–12 students.

How Xello Supports the Oregon Personalized Learning Requirements

Xello’s engaging experience helps K–12 students become future ready, and is well aligned to support the four systems of Oregon’s system of Career Connected Learning—a framework of career awareness, exploration, preparation, and training. This handy guide shares how Xello’s Lessons ensure your students meet Oregon’s PLR; including the Education Plan and Education Profile (EPP).

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Empower Your Students to Fulfill the Personalized Learning Requirements with Xello

Xello ensures you have the right tools to support your district's PLR, the dynamic and ever-changing EPP, Career Related Learning Experiences and the Extended Application. While, in tandem, inspiring students to develop secondary and postsecondary plans in line with their career aspirations.
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Prep & Training
  • Education Plan & Profile
  • Course Planning
  • Individualized Planning
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Career Prep & Training C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Education Plan & Profile C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Course Planning C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA
Individualized Planning C2D0FE6D-9B76-435E-9293-28F10EC9E9CA

Career Awareness & Exploration Activities

Xello’s full K–12 program means students have the opportunity to start building valuable career awareness from an early age. Students engage in vibrant, age-appropriate activities that build the foundation they need for successful future planning.
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Equity and Accessibility

Committed to delivering an equitable experience for all, Xello exceeds the rigorous software accessibility standards and is professionally translated to support Spanish-speaking students and families.

Family and Community Engagement

In Xello’s Family Portal, parents and guardians can collaborate with educators to support students on their journey to future readiness.

SEL, Engaging Curriculum, and Lessons

With Xello's integrated lessons, students build essential social-emotional skills needed to thrive in the real world.

See how Xello can help every Oregon student succeed

Powerful Tools That Keep Oregon Educators Organized

Xello designed a college and career readiness program that not only students would love, but educators too! Oregon educators have access to their students’ progress and future plans, which helps them provide meaningful support to students as they fulfill the state’s Personalized Learning Requirements.

Student engagement and achievement

Xello’s vibrant full K–12 platform helps to boost grad rates and attendance by giving students access to a program they actually want to use and offering meaningful information to help plan their futures.

Supporting Students Who Need It

Xello’s robust reporting allows educators to understand each student’s unique career development needs, enabling them to support every student in the way most meaningful to them.

All-in-One Solution

Educators can find comfort knowing their students can engage in valuable career development activities from wherever they are—whether it be in the classroom, distance learning, or a bit of both.

What Our Oregon Districts Have to Say About Xello

North Clackamas School District on their success implementing Xello to help students fulfill the Oregon Personalized Learning Requirements and create successful futures.
Our first year implementing a school-wide college and career planning platform could not have gone smoother, thanks to Xello's outstanding client support, effective training tools and extensive resources for staff and students. The Xello platform has engaged our students in their future planning in a way that is relevant, personalized and motivating for them. I'm so excited for the years to come as we continue to partner with Xello!
Karyn Renehan, College Transition Coordinator, North Clackamas Schools, Oregon
Educator Tested, Approved & Awarded
Award Winning Support

The Xello Team is Always Here for You

As an SIIA CODiE Award winner for Best Customer Experience in Ed Tech, our well honed processes combined with our enthusiasm for great service ensure that every client always gets the most out of Xello. Here's how we do it:


A Strategic Partner

With Xello, you always have a strategic partner for developing and rolling out a world-class future readiness program and empowering your students to go beyond simply meeting Oregon's PLR.

Resources to Help Educators Succeed

Your front-line staff will be ready to confidently lead students through Xello with free, online training resources that cover both the educator and student experience.

Unlimited Tech Support

No matter the question, our Client Solutions Team is here for you. You and your staff will feel supported by unlimited technical support.
Why Choose Xello

Choose Xello to Help Students Fulfill the Oregon Personalized Learning Requirements


Accessible for All Students

Successful futures are for everyone. Xello meets WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards with full keyboard, screen reader, and low vision accessibility and is also available in Spanish.

Available on Any Device

In the classroom or on the go, Xello lets students plan for their future 24/7, on any device with the same engaging content and lightning-fast performance.

Seamless Data Integration

Secure integration with your Student Information System (SIS) so that students information is viewable in one place. Xello provides easy login for students & educators with multiple SSO options.

Secure and Trustworthy

With the latest advances for end-to-end encryption, regular security audits and 24/7 monitoring—you can be sure protecting student data is our top priority.

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